About Us

Founded in 2003 and based in Singapore, RS Transport provides full-fledged bus transportation services to schools, institutions and organisations.

Our Core Values


Safety is our first priority and foremost concern. We continually strive for accident-free transportation and have achieved an impressive safety record of no accidents with serious injury for many years.


We are consistently seeking to improve the quality of bus school transportation through innovative ideas and adoption of world-class standards.
Some of the features* of our buses are as follows:

  • Fully air-conditioned buses
  • Adult seating ratio for school children
  • Safety belts

*features are dependent on the terms of the contract with the customer


We are known to be dependable and reliable in meeting all school transportation needs. Our day only ends when all customers are safely transported to their respective locations. In the event of unforeseen traffic conditions, we are committed to provide a contingency transport arrangement to enable our clients to reach their destinations in a timely manner.


We believe and strive for excellence in customer service. In fact, besides a good safety record, good service is the other key deciding factor in our client schools choosing us to be their transportation contractor. Our friendly staff are trained to take initiative to resolve problems quickly and not simply forward them to the school administration.